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Racism is not widespread in Slovakia
Feb 25, 2007

Racism is not widespread in Slovakia. The fact is that over centuries, the inhabitants lived an isolated existence and were not used to meet people of other races, except for Roma (Gypsies). Slovakia has never had colonies so that people from Africa and other continents apart from Europe were practically never seen here until well into the 20th century. Their lifestyles and social institutions, including slavery, were totally unknown to people here.

The Roma people (as Slovak Gypsies prefer to be called), form a relatively important minority group in Slovakia. Their problem is a very high unemployment rate, reaching 100% in some settlements. This is the main cause of their low living standards, which in turn bring about high crime rate and misuse of social resources. As a result a gulf developed between them and the majority population. However, racist physical attacks are few and far between.

The number of foreigners of different skin colouring increased during the past years mostly due to students from African and Asian countries. Many of them have learned the Slovak language, married local people and happily raising families. They have very nicely integrated into the society.

When shopping in open-air markets, you will see many vendors of bargain-price Asian clothes and electronics. almost exclusively they have some from Vietnam. They can speak little more than a few phrases in Slovak, other than the prices of their goods, but many people like to do business with them, because their goods are cheaper than similar articles in regular shops.

You do not have to be afraid to come to Slovakia simply because to the locals you may look exotic. You may visit most places, including churches, as if you were a local. Of course, it is unwise to provoke other people, be arrogant, insulting or act superior. Some individuals may be irritable and even be bigger than you are.

It is also unsafe to visit certain places at times, when the locals also would avoid them, for example some abandoned storehouses after dark, etc. All other warnings to tourists, such as not leaving attractive items on display in your car or letting everyone see how much money you carry, apply too.

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slovak girls
Jul 11, 2007


A story about slovakian girls
On my first night in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, while I was waiting for the first Monica, who was going to pick me up in front of my hotel at 9 o'clock, two young Italians stopped to ask me if I could suggest a place where they could have some fun that night in Slovakia.
Before I had the chance to hide behind my usual "I don't speak Italian" (spoken in English, of course), they went on to say, "You can't get any slovak girls here. We arrived yesterday and we're leaving tomorrow. The taxi driver refused to help us find some girls and the female receptionist at the hotel wanted to throw us out when we asked her where we could get some women. The Slovak Republic where taxi drivers and receptionists can't understand the tourist is underdeveloped. We're going back to Thailand!"
Marco and Sandro come from the small Italian... more

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Girls in Bratislava

by Steve

True to God's blueprint for Eastern Europe, the girls in Bratislava have to be seen to be believed. They dress to turn heads, and probably would even if they wore shiny tracksuits salvaged from the eighties. Fortunately, short skirts, tight trousers and skimpy tops are more the order of the day.

The Slovakian capital, with its relaxed vibe, narrow streets and pavement bars, is made for drinking, drooling, and generally watching the world go by. Go somewhere else for serious conversation, which will be frequently derailed by passing lovelies causing eyes and minds to wander.

By night, Slovakian girls are not only heartbreakingly beautiful, they also love to party, and often prowl the bars and clubs of Bratislava in large groups. They love to practice their English, to chat and to be chatted up, but you will have to play your cards carefully to get anything more than an innocent peck on the cheek. You wouldn't be the first to mistake the innocent charm of Slovakian girls for something more.

After a weekend in Bratislava, you will believe in love at first sight.


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