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40, Bratislava, Slovakia
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for any help or services, please send email to


We can provide any service you like, we have a few listed below, feel free to contact us about anything you would like sent, or if you are planning on taking a trip to Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hunagy and Bulgaria, please contact us and we can help you with all the arrangements.

Translation Service

For translation service

just tell us the girls first name, we will happily translate the first letter for free, and also her letter back to you.

Why do I need to translate my letters /emails?

Sometimes it is vital that she understands you correctly, and there are no misunderstandings between you two.

We recommend translating (at least!) your first letter to a woman because Central European ladies struggle with reading English letters even if they know the language fairly well. It will ensure she will read your letter, and understand everything you were intending to tell her.

Translate also all letters where you have something important to say.

What does it mean - "basic", "fair", "good", "fluent" (indication of language abilities on lady's personal pages)?

Women estimate their knowledge themselves; therefore the actual level may vary. We give ladies the following guidance in estimating their language abilities:

· Basic - Able to read and write with dictionary; used to study the language but did not practice.

· Fair - Able to read and write with some use of dictionary, and talk on basic topics.

· Good - Able to read, write, and talk.

· Fluent - Have extended language training and practice.

If lady's knowledge of the language is lower than good or fluent, it is wise to translate your letters to ensure correct understanding.

How much time does it take for translation?

We guarantee to send you a translated letter within 3 business days after receiving your order. Actually most of the letters are translated within 24 hours.

How much does it cost to translate email?

The basic rate is .06 cents per word.

How much is document translation?

Again the basic rate is .06 cents per word. However, the rates vary depending on subject, difficulty, format and turn-around time.

Please send me a document you want to translate and I will send you a written estimate for the project within a few minutes.

For larger projects with tight deadlines, I am able to team up with other translators to complete the project on time.

Background Investigation

As wonderful as the dream and its pursuit are, there are moments when clarity of thought is needed.

At a time when people are meeting over the Internet and with the increase of scams run by women in Russia and the Former Soviet Union it is important to BE SAFE and BE SMART get a Background Check run for your peace of mind.

We can provide a background check on your potential lady by our Professional Investigators formerly employed by the US government. What is important is to take this very basic step to help reduce the chance that some of the facts about a lady are not accurate.

Is she really single, has she been married, confirm her true age. Finding out even general information can reveal problems you should be aware of and question.

Information to be Provided

Typical Price

Basic check


Actual address


Employment (official records)


Education (verification)


Assets (vehicles, real estate)


Previous marriages/divorces


Children (official records)


Lovers, current and ex-boyfriends (girlfriends)

$350 per day

Criminal records (traffic tickets, arrests, convictions)


Official records of treatments for drug and alcohol abuse

$80- $140

3-way conference call with interpreter

* 3-way conference call with interpreter (15 minutes) $ 30.00
* 3-way conference call with interpreter (30 minutes) $ 52.50
* 3-way conference call with interpreter (45 minutes) $ 67.50
* 3-way conference call with interpreter (one hour) $ 75.00

Apartments for rent in Bratislava

We can offer you comfortable apartments for rent on daily basis in Slovakia. Accommodation in apartments is much better than hotels, especially for vacation or summer time. Apartments are modern, nice, clean, spacious, fully furnished, equipped with color television, kitchen furniture, microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator, telephone, that's why accommodation at apartments is always a pleasure.

Apartments available in city center of Bratislava near Danube River. These areas of Bratislava are safe, clean and very interesting since they are historic parts of city. There are many monuments, museums, fountains, cafes, restaurants, night clubs

Also we have many apartments available all over the country including Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Trencin and many more resort areas.

Soon we will have apartments in Romania, Czech Republic, Hunagy and Bulgaria

Transportation services*

* Pick up and transportation to/from Airport (one way) $ 39
* Pick up and transportation to/from Train Station (one way) $ 20
* Pick up and transportation to/from Station (one way) $ 20
* VIP airport pickup $ 80
* VIP airport pickup and visa support $155

Cellular phone rental* Deposit $ 100

* Mobile Phone Rental (per day) $ 20

Send Flowers

Sending a gift is always a nice gesture. Flower delivery is one of our specialties. Your lady will very much appreciate your complimenting her in this way. We have strived to give you some of the most popular choices among Slovakian ladies. Also available for a small fee, we can take photos of your lady receiving will be sent via email.

All prices are USD.


5 Red Roses


11 Red Roses


5 Pink Roses


11 Pink Roses


Small Bouquet


Large Bouquet


Extraordinary Large Bouquet with basket
and greenery



Champagne Local


Champagne "Moet & Chardon" French


Martini Italian Vermouth



Lindl Swiss-made 200gr


Lindl Swiss-made 350gr


Merci French-made 1kg


Merci French 200gr heart-shaped pack


Guylian Belgian-made Pearl Ocean 0.5 kg


Guylian Belgian-made Pearl Ocean 250 gr


There will be one (1) delivery charge of $8.00 per order.

Language Option

slovak girls
Jul 11, 2007


A story about slovakian girls
On my first night in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, while I was waiting for the first Monica, who was going to pick me up in front of my hotel at 9 o'clock, two young Italians stopped to ask me if I could suggest a place where they could have some fun that night in Slovakia.
Before I had the chance to hide behind my usual "I don't speak Italian" (spoken in English, of course), they went on to say, "You can't get any slovak girls here. We arrived yesterday and we're leaving tomorrow. The taxi driver refused to help us find some girls and the female receptionist at the hotel wanted to throw us out when we asked her where we could get some women. The Slovak Republic where taxi drivers and receptionists can't understand the tourist is underdeveloped. We're going back to Thailand!"
Marco and Sandro come from the small Italian... more

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Success Stories
Girls in Bratislava

by Steve

True to God's blueprint for Eastern Europe, the girls in Bratislava have to be seen to be believed. They dress to turn heads, and probably would even if they wore shiny tracksuits salvaged from the eighties. Fortunately, short skirts, tight trousers and skimpy tops are more the order of the day.

The Slovakian capital, with its relaxed vibe, narrow streets and pavement bars, is made for drinking, drooling, and generally watching the world go by. Go somewhere else for serious conversation, which will be frequently derailed by passing lovelies causing eyes and minds to wander.

By night, Slovakian girls are not only heartbreakingly beautiful, they also love to party, and often prowl the bars and clubs of Bratislava in large groups. They love to practice their English, to chat and to be chatted up, but you will have to play your cards carefully to get anything more than an innocent peck on the cheek. You wouldn't be the first to mistake the innocent charm of Slovakian girls for something more.

After a weekend in Bratislava, you will believe in love at first sight.


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